In our work we have designed many types of pileg for use in foundation work, as lateral support to excavations for basements, to stabilise landslides or as anchors, piles for underpinning existing structures, sheet piles for quay walls or temporary support, piles for jetties, marinas etc.

Pile types include ductile iron, grouted and ungrouted, BSP cased, tubular steel, precast concrete, rotary augured, cfa, contiguous and secant walls. Sheet pile walls include anchored, cantilever, king post, double wall etc.

We always carry out our own pile design as we believe that this is the best way to achieve overall economy and often mix pile types on the same site if this is required for access or other reasons.

We also provide a service to other consulting engineers for pile design, especially for piles required to take lateral forces or to suport embankments or where settlement is critical eg. under multistorey buildings or pile supported embankments. See the analysis page for examples.

Design is either carried out using software developed in house for the purpose else using Flac 2D or 3D as appropriate. We can also carry out combined analyses of both the structure and the foundation for maximum confidence and economy.