About Malcolm Woodruff


ONC Construction. Medway College of Technology
Certificate in Concrete Construction (Supervisory Level)
HND (Civil Engineering) Brixton School of Building
CEI Part II South Bank Polytechnic
M.Sc. Civil Engineering (Structures) City University
Ph.D. University of Southampton


Institution of Civil Engineers (M) 1974
Institution of Structural Engineers (M) 1977
Institution of Water Engineers & Scientists (M) 1975-1993
Fellow of the Geological Society (1984)
Eur. Ing. (European Engineer) 1990


I started my career as a junior site engineer in 1965, on Kingsnorth Power Station. I spent the next three years working on various schemes, including sea defence works, the Isle of Grain Gas Works and a major multi-storey housing development.

I then attended the Brixton School of Building, studying for a HND in Civil Engineering, followed by the Institution of Civil Engineers CEI examination. During work periods on these courses I worked for the Medway aterBoard as an assistant RE on a new water treatment works, carried out minor bridge design and survey work for the Kent River authority, designed a brow for Shuaiba harbour in Kuwait and drew up as built drawings for the barrages in the Indus Basin for Coode and Partners.

On completion of my studies I joined the Milton Keynes Development Corporation and was engaged on the design of culverts, a side weir, flumes and river works for the Tongwell Balancing Reservoir and the spillway for a dam.

In 1973 I joined Lemon and Blizard, where I worked on various flood prevention schemes, including one at Tadley which Involved hydrographic investigation, hydraulic and structural designsnd contract supervision of flood prevention works including a balancing pond with side weir overflow, flumes, control gates, a siphon, tunnels, culverts and training works. Associated structural works included a road bridge, two slender arch footbridges and reinforced masonry retaining walls. In addition I undertook the contract supervision of the construction of Sawston, Foxton and Fowlmere Sewage Treatment Works, the complete structural design of filters, elevated inlet works, a scre pumping station and settlement tanks for Cambridge Sewage treatment works, the earthquake resistant design of Dhypotamus high lift pumping station, a large cover service reservoir, water tower etc. for the water supply scheme to Nicosia. In general I provided a structural design service for all three offices of Lemon and Blizard and undertook numerous designs of tanks, reservoirs, pumping stations and buildings. In 1979 I left Lemon and Blizard to set up my own practice.

Since then I have been engaged on a wide variety of work, some of which is described on this website. Apart from a short period in the 1980’s I have carried out all the work myself, certainly all the work described here. The practice became a limited company in 2002.

Contact -  mail@malcolmwoodruff.co.uk