Geological Research

In the course of our work we undertake many forms of investigations. Site investigations for geotechnical work of course, but often more general geological investigations where the insitu geology is not known or in doubt.
This has led to a better understanding of the geology and landslips in Cowes, Seaview and Ventnor.

Geotechnical Monitoring

During this work we have undertaken long term monitoring of inclinometer tubes and piezometers in many places in order to acquire a better understanding of the rates of movement that may be expected on these large deep seated landslides.

Structural Monitoring

We also undertake long term monitoring of building movement. For instance on the Winter gardens in Ventnor, we have movement records going back 24 years that have become very useful in the proposed change of use of the structure.

Investigations into Failed & Damaged Buildings

A wide variety of investigations have been carried out into failed or damaged structures including:-
Subsidence and failure of underpinning schemes, failure of a soil multi storey stack system, roof instability, failure of plywood beams, fire damage to steel and concrete structures, corrosion to iron and steel structures, failures to masonry and stone retaining walls and structures and assessing dangerous structures on behalf of the Local Authority.

Work as an Expert Witness

We also undertake legal work and have acted as expert witness in a number of cases, both in the County Court and High Court. These cases have included structural damage, flooding, tree root damage, settlement , landslides etc.

Specialist Software and Advice

Our extensive experience and sophisticated software have meant that we are increasingly being called upon to give specialist advice to other consultants who lack the necessary expertise or software, particularly in the field of geotechnics.

Product Design

We have been instrumental in developing a conservatory system, design manuals for timber frame construction, a replacement wall tie system and a ‘Tide Slide’ to enable yachtsmen to instantly gauge the height of the tide.

Local Authority Work

We have acted on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council carrying out checking work for Building Regulations and Stability Checks for Planning for many years and have appeared at the Magistrates Court and at Planning Appeals on their behalf.

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